Chipped Enamel is a six member Portland based band that performs a wildly eclectic mix of rock, country, folk, gospel, blues, original tunes and some old jazz standards.  Together since 2004, the band features strong vocals and tight harmonies.  The variety of their repertoire makes it equally possible for them to entertain in a living room, an outdoor block party, a political rally,  a concert hall or a domed stadium.

Phil Hoose (guitar, harmonica, vocals) has played in many bands, including the Aberdeen St. Band, the Marmellows,  The  Hoose Family Band, The Condensors.   He has played harmonica on many studio sessions.  A founding member of the Children’s Music Network , his original songs  have been published in Singout! magazine  and the book Rise Up Singing. He is the author of ten books, including, Claudette Colvin:  Twice Toward  Justice which won the 2009 National Book Award in the Young Readers category.

Sandi Ste. George (mandolin, guitar, congas, vocals, songwriting) has been a member of several bands, including TripleTread, You Don’t Know Jack, and The Octoroons and  has also covered vocal harmonies and drums on a number of studio sessions in Atlanta, Georgia.  She is a mosaic and pen & ink artist but music remains her number one passion.

Cheryl Hart (guitar, percussion, vocals) grew up singing with her family and in jam bands, and has sung in symphony and community choruses for more than thirty years.   Bands she’s performed with include Swing Vote, Nine to Nine, and Gray, Hart and Williams.  A teacher for more than three decades, Cheryl still is inspired by her students.   She credits her dad, who wired their house for sound and played everything from gypsy violins to bluegrass, for nurturing her eclectic musical interests.

Toby Hollander (vocals, guitar, autoharp, percussion) is a former lawyer, now in recovery and working as a Guardian ad Litem (child’s representative).  Before moving to Maine he was in the St. Louis folk band, Shady Grove.  Toby channels Bob Dylan in some of the vocal leads he has, but is best known for his harmonies.

Frank Gatchell (bass, guitar) is a veteran of the infamous garage band Bruce in the late 60s and later of the band Maynard.  Likes: Beatles, Berry, Beach Boys.  Dislikes: Celene Dion, Wayne Newton and the Jonas Bros.  Known to Do: parenting, pottery, ceramic sculpture, boil lobsters and build the occasional guitar. Rock

Musician Dave HartleyDave Hartley (dobro, guitar, vocals) started playing blues guitar in 1962 after hearing Lightnin Hopkins. Growing up in Minneapolis, he played with Lazy Bill Lucas, a Chicago blues piano player, in the late 60’s, Toe Jam, a blues band, in the early 70’s, and Wild Thyme, a contra-dance band based in Duluth, in the 80’s. Dave has been jamming with members of Chipped Enamel since moving to Maine in 1994. He also played with Pound of Tea, a Freeport-based trio, for several years. He took up the dobro in early 2012 and “…found a new voice – a dobro understands the blues, like a sweet woman listening to someone’s story, saying “That’s right. You can tell me. I understand.”

Photo Credit: Children’s Book Illustrator / Author Cathryn Falwell